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Neck and Shoulder Massage
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Back Pain Weymouth Dorset Physical Recovery Coach
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The Physical Recovery Coach delivers specialist Massage Therapy Sessions and Injury Rehab from a private studio in Weymouth Dorset offering 1-1 sessions for whole body wellbeing.


Every aspect of physical, psychological and physiological welfare is attended to in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

Your Physical Recovery Coach is available for Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Back Pain Management, TMJ Massage Treatment Protocols, Tailored Plans for Specialised Conditions,

Return to Work Management, GP/Dental Referrals.


Full assessments and consultations are undertaken to establish a full understanding of your needs and to tailor a programme specifically to you as an individual. The tailored programme will be in full agreement and understanding of the client and the Physical Recovery Coach.


Programmes are optimised as shown on this website but, in full consultation where we identify your needs, they can be fully adapted and tailored for your best outcome. 


Take a look at our menu of programmes then reach out and get in touch.

Explore the site for all the information and more about the Physical Recovery Coach.


  • Do you have a long term, chronic, neck, shoulder, back, knee or hip problem?


  • Have you had to pay out for repeated visits to a health professional but the problem still persists?


  • Does your work compound your pain and mean that you are repeatedly making it worse - has it become an occupational hazard?

  • Have you learnt to 'put up with it' and yet it really does impact on your day to day living?


  • Many people live with pain that they have had for so long that they presume they are stuck with it.


Does this sound like you? 

You make occasional attempts at putting it right with massage, adjustments, hospital appointments, exercise but ultimately this is just addressing the symptoms. Fire fighting if you like, not addressing the cause. You may have finished some physiotherapy sessions and feel that you are missing guidance and support? You have brief relief from pain but very quickly return to square one and your impression that it is 'something you must live with' or that you must have permanent tissue damage, is compounded. It doesn't need to be this way.

Wouldn't it be better to find the cause of your pain, where it comes from, what continues to keep it there and what will take it away-'put the fire out' once and for all?

Would you like to have your own Physical Recovery Coach who can analyse your posture, analyse your movement patterns, find the faulty movement patterns that keep you 'stuck', teach you new movement patterns that realign you to a life without pain and give you the tools to keep yourself pain free and living the life you desire?

To rehab injuries that have stuck around for years and lighten your load.
An initial assessment will be thorough and show us what is happening and what treatment is needed. We can then decide on an agreed plan that will combine working with your Physical Recovery Coach and home plans to allow you to function in your own space without the need for endless appointments.

45 Minute Session £40

Let's get on and make a difference.


injury Rehab
Backpain Management
Back Massage

Back Pain 

  • Have you had a thorough assessment of your back and your posture?

  • Do you have knowledge of the potential movements in your daily routine that are causing and aggravating your back pain?

  • Has your enjoyment of life diminished due to chronic back pain that other treatments aren’t solving? Is your daily life disrupted, work becoming impossible and family life taking a back seat?

  • Do you fear that your back pain is with you for life now and there is no way back to your previous activities?

  • Would you like to discover the flawed movement patterns that, repeated over and over have sensitised your back and caused it to be painful even at rest and long past the time that any tissue has been damaged?


  • Would you like to discover your own healthy movement patterns that will promote pain-free living?

Working with your Physical Recovery Coach you can discover the pain-free motions in your back and learn how your back is structured and, indeed, just how robust it truly is and that your brain can learn to switch off the no longer needed pain signals.

With a thorough assessment and consultation, your Physical Recovery Coach will help you identify the cause and find the movement patterns that will promote your tissues to heal and the pain to leave you. The goal is to identify the approach that is right for you and your unique causes for your pain.

Through a Comprehensive Programme of education, movement/exercise, therapeutic massage, self-discovery and full support your coach will guide you from a life of pain and disability to one of activity, health and happiness.

45 Minute Session £40

Therapeutic massage studio


Alleviate Pain

Promote Relaxation

Soothe Tired Muscles

Release Tension

Highly effective in relieving Tension Headaches

The main focus of Therapeutic Massage is to:

Therapeutic Massage is offered in the studio by the Physical Recovery Coach.

The main focus is to promote relaxation, alleviate pain, soothe tired muscles and release tension.


The massage style uses stimulating flowing movements, firm pressured specific movements and deep relaxation techniques. It is delivered in a quiet and calm environment and promotes a feeling of intense calmness.

Many clients book in for a de-stress, therapeutic massage as part of their regular health and wellbeing routine.

Clients receiving these treatments report an alleviation of tension, reduced stiffness and improved mobility. These massages are highly effective for relieving chronic tension headaches. They enhance general wellbeing, relieve stress and return you to your week feeling refreshed in body and mind.


A full consultation will be given at your first treatment to fully establish your needs. Your treatment will be informed by your goal and needs, be it specific injury at a site, pain management, muscle release, tension release, or as an adjunct to your training.


The Physical Recovery Coach will work with you, the client, on developing a full plan of care. This means there will be recommendations on how often you should receive treatment and advice on what to do outside of the massage session. If I feel there is a need to refer on I will be clear on whom you need to see.


Treatment will be adjusted for specific areas that need attention and will be fully discussed at consultation.


Therapeutic Massage is offered as a stand-alone treatment as well as alongside other programmes taken at the studio. You do not need to be accessing other studio programmes to benefit from one of these treatments.


If you are tired, stressed, in pain, suffer regular headaches, struggle to ‘switch off’, need help relaxing and feel you would benefit from a regular or occasional massage then this is just for you.

Therapeutic Massage Session £40

If you are ready to move forward we will book an initial Consultation to meet and give you the opportunity to fully discuss your needs.

Therapeutic Massage The Physical Recovery Coach Weymouth Dorset
Physical Recovery Coah Testimonials



“I can honestly say it has been the most pain-free year I have had in the last 14 years. I am now able to move freely and go for long walks.” 

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